Groundwork and The American Prospect Shine Spotlight on How the Supply Chain Crisis Drives Inflation

January 31, 2022

As inflation continues to weigh heavily on Americans’ minds, a new issue of The American Prospect: How We Broke the Supply Chain released today shines a spotlight on this complex and often-misunderstood issue. Created in collaboration with Groundwork Collaborative, the special issue investigates how current supply chain chaos and rising prices stem from decades of bad policies that prioritized corporate profits above all else.

“This project details how we spent a half-century allowing business executives and financiers to take control of our supply chains,” said Rakeen Mabud, chief economist and managing director of policy and research at Groundwork and co-author of the first story of the issue. “Now is our chance to flip the script and start building toward an economy that truly works for all of us.”

Over the next two weeks, The American Prospect will publish 10 stories that untangle the decisions that led to turning our supply chains over to mega-corporations, beginning with a piece co-authored by Dr. Mabud and Prospect Executive Editor David Dayen. These decisions include consolidation in rail, deregulation of labor in trucking, and offshoring of U.S. companies. Together, these stories explain how big retailers, oil and gas companies, and shipping companies have taken advantage of the current moment to strengthen their grip and rake in record profits.

“Extensive research and reporting have shed a light on the consolidation, labor, and offshoring issues that have contributed to the supply chain crisis we find ourselves in today,” said David Dayen, executive editor of The American Prospect. “As the effects of inflation reverberate across the economy, this special issue provides a clear account of the bad policies that landed us here – and how to address them.”

Read about how outsourcing, monopolization, deregulation, financialization, and just-in-time logistics broke our supply chains at


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