Groundwork Launches Reimagined Website

June 6, 2023 Jae Aron

The team at Groundwork Collaborative is thrilled to share our new look and website.

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, we began working to develop a new brand and website that reflects who we are as an organization and could serve as a resource for valuable partners like you. Together with Teal Media, our incredible creative agency, we believe we’ve achieved a design that truly reflects Groundwork’s expertise, credibility, and impact.

The new logo, marked by Groundwork’s familiar bricks motif, is a modern evolution of our original logo, which speaks to the solid foundation we have built as an organization and the work that still lies ahead.

Introducing Groundwork's new color palette.

The streamlined, calmer color palette reflects the intentional and thoughtful nature of our work, while the brighter accents carry a sense of urgency and fresh energy. And our new font and typeface are clear and visually accessible to match our modern editorial aesthetic and enable storytelling in new and dynamic ways.

Our redesigned and reimagined website beautifully showcases our new look and our unique role in the narrative change and economic policy landscape. Part think tank, part issue advocacy organization, and part strategic communications shop, Groundwork’s tripartite structure allows us to take a holistic approach to cultivate a new understanding of what a healthy economy looks like.

Groundwork's website reimagined.

A few exciting new features include:

Ultimately, the new Groundwork brand and website are inspired by our core mission: to transform the way people understand the economy. We invite you to join us in this effort by watching our new video, signing up for our newsletter, and following us on Twitter.

Together, we can build a stronger and more resilient economy for all of us.