The American Prospect x Groundwork Special Issue: How We Broke the Supply Chain

January 31, 2022

Dr. Rakeen Mabud kicks off a special issue of The American Prospect: The Supply Chain Debacle. The opening story, co-authored by Dr. Mabud and Prospect Executive Editor David Dayen, explains how current supply chain chaos and rising prices stem from decades of bad policies that prioritized corporate profits above all else. Below is an excerpt from the February issue released today: 

“We spent a half-century allowing business executives and financiers to take control of our supply chains, enabled by leaders in both parties. They all hailed the transformation, cheering the advances of globalization, the efficient network that would free us from want. Motivated by greed and dismissive of the public interest, they didn’t mention that their invention was supremely ill-equipped to handle inevitable supply bottlenecks. And the pandemic exposed this hidden risk, like a domino bringing down a system primed to topple.” 

Read the full story, “How We Broke the Supply Chain,” here and read the full issue at