Groundwork’s Lindsay Owens Named to Washingtonian’s “Most Influential People Shaping Policy” List

May 4, 2023

Washingtonian: “Washington has always been a city of thinkers. We’re confident these are among the best brains in the city.”

Today, Washingtonian Magazine named Groundwork Collaborative’s Executive Director Lindsay Owens to its special edition list of the “500 Most Influential People Shaping Policy” in Washington, D.C. She joins an impressive list of “smart, innovative Washingtonians…who understand the nuances and complexities of a particular issue area…and possess special insight into how to get an issue elevated.”

Under Dr. Owens’ leadership, Groundwork has become a go-to organization for media, congressional testimony, and research on the economy. A nationally-recognized economic policy expert, Dr. Owens is known for going beyond the numbers, combining her academic expertise with political savvy and a keen understanding of how people actually experience the economy in their lives.

As the Washingtonian wrote in its profile of Dr. Owens:

“Earning accolades from the likes of Ralph Nader and Jon Stewart, Owens is known in media circles for her skills in communicating ways to better understand inflation and corporate profiteering.”

You can find Washingtonian’s full list of experts and advocates here.