Groundwork’s Lindsay Owens: “The Inflation Reduction Act Gets It Exactly Right”

July 28, 2022 Groundwork Collaborative

Today, Lindsay Owens, executive director of the Groundwork Collaborative, released the following statement in support of the newly-released Inflation Reduction Act of 2022: 

“The Inflation Reduction Act gets it exactly right: we bring down costs for families by making needed public investments, not pulling back on spending when we need it most. We bring down energy costs when we invest in clean energy and lessen our dependence on Big Oil profiteers. We bring down health care costs when we use public power to counter Big Pharma and get a fair price for seniors. And we strengthen our democracy and our economy when the largest corporations contribute to these investments, instead of buying politicians to oppose them. 

“Congress should send the Inflation Reduction Act to the President’s desk as quickly as possible.”