Groundwork’s Director of Policy and Research Mike Mitchell Reacts to March Jobs Report

April 1, 2022 Groundwork Collaborative

The U.S. economy added 431,000 jobs in March, according to today’s Jobs Report. In response, Mike Mitchell, director of policy and research at the Groundwork Collaborative, released the following statement:

“This jobs report demonstrates that public investments – in workers, families, and consumers – are the building blocks for a strong and resilient recovery. But deficit fearmongering and blunt interest rate hikes threaten to impede the labor market recovery and jeopardize broadly-felt prosperity – leaving Black and brown communities even further behind. 

“Public investment sparked our economic recovery, but in order to reach full employment, policymakers must continue to invest in an economy that works for all of us.”

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  • Regulators and policymakers must take a comprehensive view of our economic health. With the Black and Latinx unemployment rates still well above the white unemployment rate, the Federal Reserve must consider an inclusive definition of full employment when considering interest rate hikes.
  • Eliminating structural barriers to good jobs in the labor market is critical. Despite strong unemployment numbers, 6.9% of people are underemployed — working in jobs that are part-time or don’t pay enough for people to thrive.
  • Workers and families are depending on policymakers to deliver. Without investments in accessible and affordable child care, permanent paid family and medical leave, and quality jobs for care workers, our economy will fail to meet the needs of millions of families.

Our economy only works when it works for all of us. Workers and families are depending on policymakers to deliver. Because people are the economy — not the markets, not headline measures like GDP, and certainly not the national debt.