Groundwork Previews September Jobs Report

October 6, 2021 Groundwork Collaborative

Today, Groundwork’s Chief Economist released the following statement in advance of the U.S. Labor Department’s September Employment Report: 

“The stakes couldn’t be higher for workers and families ahead of Friday’s jobs report. With the Delta variant threatening an already fragile economic recovery and the Black unemployment rate at crisis levels, we can’t afford to squander this opportunity to create millions of good-paying jobs and invest in an inclusive recovery. 

“It’s time for Congress to close the deal on the long-overdue promised investments — in climate, housing, caregiving, and other critical policies — that families, workers, and communities around the country need to thrive.”  

Email to speak to Dr. Rakeen Mabud about what we can expect in the September jobs report and its impact on the infrastructure debate in Washington. 


  • We can’t afford to get complacent when so many around the country aren’t yet feeling the recovery. The Black unemployment rate is stuck at crisis levels and Hispanic and Latinx workers continue to face an unemployment rate that is unacceptably high. 
  • Our economy cannot do well until all of us are doing well. Cutting back investment now would mean that communities of color — who have always paid the price for our deeply unequal economy — would be, once again, left behind. 
  • Strong social safety net measures like UI make our labor market stronger, build worker power, and are essential to an equitable and just recovery. The needless, arbitrary decision to cut millions of people off from life-sustaining benefits was cruel, and a major blow to economic recovery efforts
  • Delaying or diluting critical investments in workers, families, and the economy will harm all of us. By prioritizing care investments, making the expanded Child Tax Credit permanent, repairing our UI system, expanding access to safe and affordable housing, and curbing the climate crisis, we can begin to undo the damage done by decades of disinvestment and create millions of good-paying jobs.


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