“Fair, Popular, and Long Overdue”: Groundwork Praises President Biden’s Call for Higher Taxes on Massive Corporations, Ultra-Wealthy

March 10, 2023 Groundwork Collaborative

Today, Groundwork Collaborative’s Executive Director Lindsay Owens released the following statement in response to tax policies in President Biden’s budget proposal that raise revenue from the ultra-wealthy while protecting Social Security, Medicare, and other popular public investments: 

“It’s great to see President Biden leading the charge to increase taxes on billionaires, crack down on stock buybacks by massive corporations, and prevent the wealthiest Americans from cheating on their taxes and avoiding paying what they owe. The tax policies laid out in this budget are fair, popular, and long overdue.

“The next time someone claims that we can’t afford to protect Social Security and Medicare for future generations – or that we need to cut popular investments in education, health care, housing, or clean energy – show them President Bident’s latest budget proposal and ask them why they care so much about protecting the ultra-wealthy from paying their fair share.”

The push for increased taxes on the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations has become increasingly popular. According to research from Lake Research Partners and Groundwork Collaborative, “more than 8 in 10 [voters] (81%) agree that in order to have a strong economy, the wealthy should pay their fair share in taxes,” with 63% of voters who strongly agreed. 

Email press@groundworkcollaborative.org to speak to Dr. Owens about President Biden’s budget proposal and the economic case for raising taxes on the ultra-wealthy and large corporations.