Pandemic Policy Interventions for an Equitable Economic Recovery

Cassandra Robertson, PhD
October 2020


The purpose of this report is to highlight economic policies that will provide relief during this crisis while moving America towards an equitable economic recovery. Marginalized demographic groups are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus. The policy response must therefore include policies that specifically address the needs of those groups. Without an agenda that builds a truly shared recovery, an economy that is inclusive and just will remain beyond our reach. Centering these marginalized groups is not only a moral imperative, but also crucial for the economy overall. A thriving economy that provides opportunity for everyone will be more resilient and dynamic: addressing inequity today will build a stronger economy tomorrow. 


To learn more about economic policies that will lead to an equitable recovery, click any policy on the far left column of the table. Click on each demographic group at the top of the table to learn about the disproportionate effects of the pandemic and recession. To read about how policy interventions would affect different groups, click on any intersecting dot. Download the full report here.